Campaign AspectLikeShare
Twitter100 Points200 Points

Campaign AspectRegistered User with your Referrallink
Community Hub referral1000 Points

Campaign AspectUser whitelisted and invested with your Referrallink
Investor referral5000 Points

You can earn additional CP by reaching certain Achievements. See the full list of all available Achievements here: Achievements

Reward first Community Campaign (ends with the end of the Main Sale)

Rank ClassRewardAvailable Reward
150,000 PAX50,000 PAX
225,000 PAX25,000 PAX
312,500 PAX12,500 PAX
4-103,150 PAX18,900 PAX
11-100625 PAX55,625PAX
101-1000125 PAX112,375 PAX
1001-1000025 PAX224,975 PAX
SUM503,300 PAX503,300 PAX

If multiple User share the same rank (having the same amount of CP as the highest ranked user with same CP amount) then the available reward for the rank class will be distributed evenly among all claimers including those who share the same rank.