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Am I selling my data?

Data can be provided for an analysis result, the nature of the black box environment allows for multiple monetizations. It is possible to sell the raw data set though.

The mechanisms of our system are executed by the PAX cryptocurrency and the data producer, as well as the individual who is providing the analysis program (plug-in provider), are rewarded with it. The analysis result buyer ultimately puts PAX into the system to get a >result< of the analysis with the data. The raw data itself can never be seen by anyone, not even MADANA.

How are you protecting the privacy of the user?

The protection of one's privacy is ensured by several design choices of our platform. Firstly, all data is stored in full control of the data producer and by using asymmetric encryption methods we grant the data producer full control over the distribution of his data. Secondly, the analysis process itself is conducted in a special black box environment where nobody can look into, not even MADANA. Lastly, only the analysis result gets handed over to the analysis buyer.

How do you determine the data price in the marketplace?

We envision an open market where the price will be determined by itself, empowering users to monetize their data in an anonymous way. At launching the marketplace an initial price for various data sets will be set, with a higher price level for contributed sensitive data.

What is the main function of a plug-in provider?

The plug-in provider will be equipped with an easy to use SDK provided by MADANA, he then can create and program analytics software plug-ins that can easily be used by an analysis buyer to conduct a variety of analyses by combining these plug-ins. Additionally, we will provide a MADANA privacy framework, which developers can integrate into their applications and dApps. By doing so, the developers as the end-users will get refunded for contributing data to the ecosystem. Plus, these developers have an unique-selling-propositions against traditional less privacy-oriented applications. Plug-In providers could be analytics companies, big data specialists or freelancers, who want to contribute their skills to society and get rewarded for it.

Who will be adding Data?

Since almost every aspect of our lives is affected by data-driven methods and tools, anyone can add data to MADANA, e.g. average smartphone user, IoT devices, companies with their machine-generated data, institutions, content creators...the list goes on and on.

Who will be buying Data?

Since our platform is designed as an open platform, anyone can be a data analysis buyer - from institutions, big companies, small-medium-sized companies to any citizens. The goal is to make an analysis affordable for anyone.

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