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By visiting, you are directed to the login page of the community hub. You see a blurred background image, the MADANA logo in the middle of the page, beneath the logo a test says "Community Hub".

Next to the logo, a welcoming text says:


The Community Hub will be the future home of our community. Here you will be able to get the newest information about the progress and development of MADANA, engage actively in community campaigns and express your opinion on relevant topics in a fun and ludic way. For every interaction with certain community hub features, you will receive community points (CP). These points indicate your engagement in the community hub and for MADANA. These points influence your ranking on which basis MADANA decides how big the reward from community campaigns for you will be. The higher your rank, the better the reward will be."

Beneath the welcoming text you get two options:

  • Login Button
  • Get Started Button
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