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Step 1. 

  • Follow this link to get to the whitelisting registration launchpad.
  • Enter you email address and click on "Start registration".
  • Note that this email address is necessary to access your launchpad account and therefore everything associated with your contribution. Make sure to not lose access to your email account and make sure nobody else has unwanted access.

Step 2.

  • You will be welcomed wih a message as can be seen above.
  • This message contains the "secret keyphrase". Make sure to note these 4 words down and keep them safe. To ensure a safe communication, we will use in each email you will receive from us regarding our whitelisting this "secret keyphrase". That means if you receive an email without the correct "secret keyphrase", this email is dangerous and was not sent by us.
  • Now check your inbox for an email from us (also check in the spam folder).
  • Once you opened our email in your inbox, you will need to check if the secret keyphrase is the one you received from us in the launchpad. This is a verification that the email is coming from us. 
  • The email also contains a "magic link". By click on this link you will be logged in into the whitelisting launchpad.
  • If you want to re-enter the launchpad and proceed your registration process at another time, you will need first to enter your email address in the launchpad and then to click on the "magic link" in email in your inbox again.

Step 3.

  • After clicking the first time on the "magic link" you will forwarded to the first page of the whitelisting registration process.
  • Here you need to read and accept the "Terms and Conditions", the "Privacy Policy", and confirm that you understand that customers acting in their capacity as consumer are not eligible to purchase tokens.
  • If you want to receive marketing & advertising material from MADANA in the future you will need to read the "Marketing Consent Policy" and accept by clicking on the checkbox on the left.
  • Click on "I agree" to proceed.

Step 4.

  • You will need to submit the following documents to continue the process:
    • Passport or ID card with the "unique identification number"
    • Residential address
    • Proof of address: A document to proof your current residential address not older than 3 months - like utility bills (eg. water, gas, electricity or mobile bills), bank account statements, credit reports with address.
  • Choose the "Type of Document" you want to use to verify your Identity. You can choose between your Passport or your National ID.
  • Select the issuing country from your Passport or National ID.
  • Choose between the two options to upload two pictures of your National ID/Passport. One of the front side and one of the back side.
    • You can upload a picture directly using the "Upload a File" function (.pdf, .jpg, .png).
    • You can make a snapshot from the your National ID/Passport through your webcam by using the "Use Webcam" function. You make the first snapshot from the front side and with the second snapshot from the back side.
  • Finally, you have to upload a snapshot or picture with you holding the National ID/Passport, clearly visible (both face and ID), to verify that you are the holder of the document.
  • Click "Submit" to proceed.

Step 5.

  • Type in your First Name and Last Name in the respective type fields.
  • Choose your Country of legal residence from the selceted list of countries.
  • Enter your Date of Birth in the following format
  • Enter your birth place (city) and the country you were born in the text field "Place of Birth".
  • Choose whether you are acting on your own behalf or on the behalf of your company.
    • If you are acting on your own behalf than choose "Yes, I am investing on my own behalf" and proceed with Step 7. after clicking on "Submit".
    • If you are acting on the behalf of your company than choose "No, I am investing on the behalf of a company" and proceed with Step 6. after clicking on "Submit".

Step 6.

Fill the form regarding the requirements for institutional contributors. Enter the official information of your company. 

  • Company name: Please provide the company name on which behalf your acting
  • Legal form: Indicate the legal form of your company (e.g.: Ltd.; Inc.; GmbH)
  • Jurisdiction under which the company is incorporated: Note the country under which your company is incorporated
  • Company seat and address: Provide the address of your company seat
  • Commercial register and number: Write your commercial register and number
  • Names of managing directors: List all names of the managing directors
  • Names of beneficial owners: List the names of all owners of the company who have a stake higher of at least 10 %.

  • Power of attorney (if appreciable): Please upload a power of attorney document, if this is applicable to you. If you do not need a power of attorney document to act on behalf of the company, please skip this step. Utility bill or credit report: Upload a utility bill (no older than 3 months) or credit report with address (no older than 3 months)
  • Commercial register entry: Upload you official commercial register entry
  • Shareholder list: Upload your shareholder list
  • Transparency register entry (if applicable): Upload your transparency register entry (if applicable)
  • Articles of association: Upload  the articles of association
  • Proof of identity and address of beneficial owners and acting representatives: Please provide proof of identity and proof of address for all beneficial owners and acting representatives. Bundle them all as as one PDF.

Also if you are not totally sure if you upload the correct document, upload the one you think is the most appropriate. If the uploaded document does not meet the formal requirements, you will be contacted.

Step 7.

  • Unique identification number:  Please enter your unique identification number. E.g. passport number or national ID number.

  • Residential Address: Please enter your residential address. Format: Street name, House number, City, Postal code.
    No Post Office Boxes allowed.

  • Uploaded Proof of Address:
    Please upload one Proof of Address document that clearly states your full name and address as provided before. It must be issued within the last 3 months.
    Acceptable Proofs of Address are: 

    • Utitlity bill (e.g. electricty bill) 

    • Credit report with address

Step 8.

  • You have successfully completed the registration process! By time, you will be contacted again.