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Are there Bonuses?

Contribution via Lisk token (LSK) will ensure a bonus of +10% PAX token.


Can I use more than one BTC/ETH/LSK address?

No, the BTC/ETH/LSK address you provide us with during the registration is the only address that we will accept.

What happens if I contribute above the individual maximum cap?


For how long will the PAX token received during the public Pre-Sale be locked?

The PAX token will be send shortly after the token issuance.

What is the PAX token distribution?

Does being whitelisted guarantee that I will be able to contribute?

We reserve the final right to accept or reject the contribution of an acquirer.

How do we get on the whitelist for the Token Sale?

Go to starting on August 1st at 12:00 UTC+1

All acquirers will be identified and checked against standard lists for anti-money laundering, terrorism and sanctions. Once successfully verified, acquirers will be whitelisted and further instructions will follow.

Complementary information concerning the whitelisting can be found in our blog post

How long will the whitelisting last?

The whitelisting will last for three months and starts from the August 1st ,2018 to the October 31st, 2018.

Is there going to be a BOUNTY?

Yes, the details regarding community campaigns will be revealed with the announcement of the MADANA Community Hub.

On what Exchanges will you be listed?

One of the main advantages of using Lisk is that a decentralized token exchange for Lisk tokens is on the schedule. Because Lisk is traded on most major exchanges there is a direct channel to them for us. 

What is the Hard cap for the MADANA Pre-Sale Token distribution?

The hard cap for the MADANA Pre-Sale is € 7,500,000 (EUR).

What is the hard cap in US Dollar.

Our hard cap for the Pre-Sale € 7,500,000 Euro which equals approx. 8,674,275 US Dollar.

Our Main Sale hard cap will be € 30,000,000 Euro which is approx. 34,676,858 US Dollar.

Total hardcap is the sum of both. -> € 37,500,000 Euro. Approx. 43,350,116 US Dollar.

Please use trusted online currency converter to calculate the exact conversion.

You can find the all informations on our tokenomics on

What is the PAX token price?

€ 0.50 (Euro) in the Pre-Sale. € 1.00 (Euro) in the Main Sale.

What was the price for a token for seed investors?

The seed investors are believers in our company that helped us to overcome the first hurdles of creating the company and are very close to us. We negotiated with every single one a different price based on what stage of the company they invested in and what risk they took. Also there are restrictions in who and how these people can invest. Because we still have a few tickets left we can not disclose details about these investments because it would influence our basis of negotiation for the remaining tickets. The allocation for the seed investors in total is 10%.

What will happen if the hard cap is not reached?

PAX that are not sold in the Pre-Sale will be available in the Main Sale. Unsold PAX in the Main Sale will be burned. 

What will you do if you don't reach your target, what happens to the remaining coins?

To secure further development of MADANA we will work with the amount we will raise, adjust our strategic planning accordingly and will find other financial opportunities if in alignment with our strategy.

When is the Token Sale?

The MADANA Token Pre-Sale starts on September 1st , 2018 and closes on October 31th, 2018.


Can I provide a digital signature to prove investor accreditation, or do I need to move my funds to an exchange?

In order to prove investor accreditation, you can either provide us with

a) an exchange statement / screenshot

Whitelisting Registration

Step 1. 

  • Follow this link to get to the whitelisting registration launchpad.
  • Enter you email address and click on "Start registration".
  • Note that this email address is necessary to access your launchpad account and therefore everything associated with your contribution. Make sure to not lose access to your email account and make sure nobody else has unwanted access.

Will there be an AIR DROP and if yes when?

Yes, the details regarding air drops of any kind will be revealed in the future.

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