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Link to the landing page "Home":

Active Features:

  • Shows information about the top 3 community hub users with the highest amount of points in the section "Top User".
    • → clicking on "See all Users" button leads to the ranking page.
  • Shows information about global community hub statistics in the section "User stats":
    • Users: How many users are currently registered in the community hub.
    • Currently active User: How many users in the community hub are currently logged in.
    • Points collected: How many community points were created by all the community hub users combined.
  • Shows information about the community hub system statistics in the section "System Stats

Descriptive section (Topbox):

  • [Welcome to the MADANA Community Hub] The Community Hub will be the future home of our community. Here you will be able to get the newest information about the progress and development of MADANA, engage actively in community campaigns and express your opinion on relevant topics in a fun and ludic way. For every interaction with certain community hub features, you will receive community points (CP). These points indicate your engagement in the community hub and for MADANA. These points influence your ranking on which basis MADANA decides how big the reward from community campaigns for you will be. The higher your rank, the better the reward will be."

Call to action boxes

  • Call to action boxes

    Social Media Community Campaign:

    • Description text says: “[Share the vision] Link your social media account to the community hub and collect community points by following MADANA and sharing relevant posts. Check the integrated feed for possible opportunities."

    • Twitter:

      • Hyperlink leads to:
      • This box has two states:
        • Twitter account not connected
          • "Connect now" button leads to the verfiy twitter page.
        • Twitter account connected
          • Counter showing users liking activity (Format: Tweets user liked/ Total MADANA tweets)
          • Counter showing users sharing activity (Format: Tweets user shared/ Total MADANA tweets)
          • Button "Twitter bounty" leading to twitter bounty page

    • Facebok:
    Referral Community Campaign:
    • Description text says: “[Invite some friends] Invite your friends with your referral links and introduce them to MADANA. For every new friend, you can boost your community points counter considerably."

    • Telegram:

      • Hyperlink leads to:
      • Counter shows number of registered users through user referral link.
      • Button "Currently Disabled" leads to: nowhere
    • CommunityHub:

    • Whitelisting:
      • Hyperlink leads to:
      • Counter shows number of registered users through user referral link.
      • Button "Whitelisting Bounty" leads to the whitelisting referral page.

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