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How are you improving Society?

The control over once image is a fundamental right in many countries. We think this applies to the physical world as well as to the digital world. Giving the data producer the power to decide if he really wants to be analyzed by a certain party is in our opinion a fundamental right a data producer has, and we want to protect it by design. Additionally, we want to improve society by giving anyone the possibility to participate in the data market. Opening up the data market for more efficient data analyses bears the potency for new kinds of cross-analytics findings in the field of social behavior, medicine, economics, etc... resulting in an improvement of science and society.

What does your partnership with capgemini actually mean? What do you want to achieve?

Our partnership with capgemini is part of our scaling strategy. A major consultancy like them has clients from different industries and will act as a multiplier for us to find a fitting pilot project with a hopefully major company. We are actively searching for such a pilot right now to demonstrate the viability of our concept.

What is MADANA?

MADANA is a fair data analysis platform which is protecting privacy by design.

MADANA stands for "Market for Data Analysis" and is a Blockchain powered approach for a new kind of data marketplace, where every participant wins. The main focus is on securing data privacy, while simultaneously offering a decentralized pool of information and data monetization.

What is your legal structure?

We are a Germany based venture and will launch the ICO out of Germany, compliant with national and European laws.

Where can I find your Roadmap?

You can find first information about what we were up to and what we are currently doing at our Homepage

A more detailed Roadmap of the future is included in the White Paper on page 49.

Where can I find your White Paper?

The white paper can be found on our website: 

Why are you so close to politics?

We are very well positioned in the political area thanks to our advisors and it is of great importance when you are a company that drives a business model protecting the privacy of data producers. Particularly the European Union has a big interest in our endeavors as it is leading in pushing data privacy in the world.

Why do you patent the system?

Because we don't want to be cut off by a larger company that decides to patent our work itself. It's solely a risk-reducing and competitive edge increasing precaution.

Why is your ICO in Germany?

We are one of the first blockchain startups in Germany that found a safe legal framework to conduct a crowdsale in the crypto market. Germany positions itself very strongly in the crypto market and we see Berlin forming a real strong hub in Europe for our industry. By launching a successful ICO in Germany we want to accelerate the blockchain-friendly and environmental development in Germany.

Why should I choose MADANA over Project XY and what is the difference?

MADANA is a platform for data analysis. Our main mission is to create and promote a new approach to analyze data in a data producer controlled and anonymizing way. MADANA creates the infrastructure for this approach, which ultimately will connect all the participants via plug-in solutions. It is great to see that other projects are tackling the problem of data privacy and hope to see a benefit for the society of the diverse work on this problem. We are very serious about our approach and hope to contribute a solution to the problematic of data privacy with our work.

Will you vote for delegates or run for delegate yourself with the Lisk Token acquired in the ICO?

We are well aware of the power we potentially could acquire. Therefore we won't run for delegate or vote in general with this stake. We are aiming to build technology and will solely concentrate on that.

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