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Commnity Points also referred to as "CP" are collecable points that are granted by the community hub to a User either through accomplishing tasks, interaction with the hub or through other future functionalities.

Your Community Points (CP) are visible to other Users in the community hub at any time.

Community Points are what ultimatly decides over your rank in the community hub. High amounts of community points relative to other User gives you a higher rank.

A higher rank in the community hub grants you benefits, for example bigger rewards in community campaigns.

  • Base-Points:
  • Important Requirments:
    • Collection of points start with the release of Community Hub
    • Prevent that one can collect points from posts that are far in the past. Create a 3 days participation window. (you see the posts you missed)
    • People who shared and like posts of MADANA before the launch of the community hub recieve their respective points as soon as they join the community hub. (we may even pm them )
    • To incentives following us on the channels the features of sharing and liking posts unlock only after you follow us. (on telegram you recieve your unique referral link)
    • Only MADANA Points are visible to the public, not the sperated parts it is composed of (Ranking).

  • Sum of Points from:
    • Facebook (Likes, Shares, Follow our Page)
      • Like 100P; Share 200P; Follow Page 1000P.
    • Twitter (Likes, Shares, Follow our Page)
      • Like 100P; Share 200P; Follow Page 1000P.
    • Telegram
      • Follow 1000P; Invite Friend 1000P.
    • Rather
      • Share on Twitter 500P; Share on Facebook 500P.
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