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  • How is Dr. Grün helping the team?

    Dr. Grün is helping the MADANA team as a political advisor at the German and European level.

  • How is Dr. Hans-Dieter Jostarndt helping?

    Dr. Jostarndt is one of Germans best patent attorneys and has helped us drafting and filling of the patent.

  • How is Marc Reinhardt helping?

    As Executive VP and Head of Public Sector & Health of Capgemini Mr. Reinhardt helps us with setting foot into the political and industry sector so that we find the right partners to team up for a pilot project.

  • How is Max Kordek helping the team?

    Max Kordek founded with Christian, Yan and Eugen the organization Bitcoin Aachen in 2014 and they started one of Germanys first Bitcoin Meetups. Max is the Crypto and Blockchain Advisor to the MADANA team. He seed-funded our project and helps us with his experience in the blockchain industry and community. Being the first big Blockchain App on the Lisk Blockchain is a great honor and a right fit for us.

  • How is Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel helping?

    Prof. Dr. Brettel is a very close contact. Besides opening doors to scientific institutions and universities, he connects us with players of the German and European industry, since he has great influence on the German start-up scene.

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