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Achievements: All achievement categories have 5 levels of achievement (for now)

Community Points Based:

LevelThreshold reachedNameDescriptionReward
15,000 CPHunter and GathererCollected your first 5,000 CP in the community hub.500 CP
210,000 CPCultivatorCollected your first 10,000 CP in the community hub.1,000 CP
320,000 CPTreasurerCollected your first 20,000 CP in the community hub.2,000 CP
450,000 CPTycoonCollected your first 50,000 CP in the community hub.5,000 CP 
5100,000 CPPaxonautCollected your first 100,000 CP in the community hub.10,000 CP

Community Referral:

LevelThreshold reachedNameDescriptionReward
1Invited 2 MembersInner CircleMember of the community hub for 1 week.500 CP
2Invited 5 MembersAll Aboard!Member of the community hub for 1 month.1,000 CP
3Invited 10 MembersFellowshipMember of the community hub for 4 months.2,000 CP
4Invited 20 MembersRevolutionistMember of the community hub for 1 year.5,000 CP 
5Invited 50 MembersBitconneeeeect!Member of the community hub for 2 years.10,000 CP

Member Age:

LevelThreshold reachedNameDescriptionReward
11 week since registrationHub DwellerMember of the community hub for 1 week.5,000 CP
21 month since registrationPrivacy ActivistMember of the community hub for 1 month.10,000 CP
34 months since registrationBelieverMember of the community hub for 4 months.20,000 CP
41 year since registrationVeteranMember of the community hub for 1 year.50,000 CP
52 years since registrationProfessionalMember of the community hub for 2 years.100,000 CP


Pre-Sale Referrals:

LevelThreshold reachedNameDescriptionReward
12 Member who contributedWelcome PAXInvited 2 people who contributed successfully in the pre-sale with your whitelisting referral-link.20,000 CP
25 Member who contributedPAXologyInvited 5 people who contributed successfully in the pre-sale with your whitelisting referral-link.50,000 CP
310 Member who contributedPAX ClubInvited 10 people who contributed successfully in the pre-sale with your whitelisting referral-link.100,000 CP
420 Member who contributedPaxillionaireInvited 20 people who contributed successfully in the pre-sale with your whitelisting referral-link.200,000 CP
550 Member who contributedIn PAX We Trust Invited 50 people who contributed successfully in the pre-sale with your whitelisting referral-link.500,000 CP

Twitter Likes

LevelThreshold reachedNameDescriptionReward
110 likesEndorsementsLiked MADANA posts 10 times on Twitter.100 CP
220 likesHearts and RosesLiked MADANA posts 20 times on Twitter.200 CP
350 likesNotorious LikerLiked MADANA posts 50 times on Twitter.500 CP
4100 likesCelebrationistLiked MADANA posts 100 times on Twitter.1000 CP
5200 likesFAN-TASTICLiked MADANA posts 200 times on Twitter.2000 CP

Twitter Shares

LevelThreshold reachedNameDescriptionReward
110 SharesMessengerShared MADANA posts 10 times on Twitter.200 CP
220 SharesCarrier PigeonShared MADANA posts 20 times on Twitter.400 CP
350 SharesInfluencerShared MADANA posts 50 times on Twitter.1000 CP
4100 SharesAnchormanShared MADANA posts 100 times on Twitter.2000 CP
5200 SharesLarryShared MADANA posts 200 times on Twitter.4000 CP


#Threshold reachedNameDescriptionReward
1User registered before October 31st, 2018.
Early SupporterRegistered between the launch of the community hub and end of the PAX token pre-sale.5000 CP
2Granted by Community Manager.
AmbassadorA special achievement that was granted to you by the Community Manager. "With great power come great responsibility."10,000 CP
3Invested minimum amount of PAX in the MADANA pre-sale.
AngelContributed during the public pre-sale phase of MADANA from September 1st, 2018 until October 31st, 2018.100,000 CP
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