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DatumSep 07, 2018
Vorgänge83 issues



  1. JWT Token Handling
  2. Create / Edit / Delte User
  3. Twitter Steam API
  4. Database Connector
  5. Social User Mapping

All Updates 


  • DEV-2 DONE Core 0.1 ( User registration)


  • DEV-535 DONE Referred Users aren't send over by the restservice
  • DEV-487 DONE TwitterStream Bot sets wrong created date
  • DEV-471 DONE Updating user profile on REST throws server error 500
  • DEV-422 DONE Password reset not working
  • DEV-399 DONE Session Management not working. Only the first signed-in user is able to sign in.
  • DEV-309 DONE All Properties & Passwords that are used in the restservice should be read from the env. Existing passwords have to be changed
  • DEV-298 DONE Facebook Settings have to be read out of System.getProperty()
  • DEV-242 DONE Account creation date and last login should get stored
  • DEV-241 DONE SessionToken should be send as json object
  • DEV-236 DONE Fix Naming of "Credendials" to Credentials in User
  • DEV-235 DONE Remove exposed ID field from User
  • DEV-218 DONE Username & mail address got to be unique in database
  • DEV-217 DONE Database Connection times out after idle time -> Auto reconnect is needed
  • DEV-172 DONE REST Authentication Service should also be registered under */services


  • DEV-297 DONE Properties for mailclient in restservice have to be requested via system getProperty()


  • DEV-539 DONE Create Achievement-tables & Content in Database
  • DEV-536 DONE Add subscription for MADANA_HQ
  • DEV-525 DONE Restservice should be able to create CRC ResponseToken
  • DEV-418 DONE User should be able to change his avatar in the settings in the communityhub
  • DEV-416 DONE Endpoint should be able to receive update for userimage
  • DEV-415 DONE Endpoint should respond all available images
  • DEV-414 DONE Link to Image should be included in profile
  • DEV-413 DONE Create / Update Structure in database
  • DEV-406 DONE RestService should exchange code against authtoken and set the fractal ID in the database
  • DEV-404 DONE Restservice should provide Fractal authorization URL
  • DEV-398 DONE Feed should only be visible when user has been verified. Otherwithse verify button should be shown
  • DEV-397 DONE Value if user has been verifier should be attached to platform
  • DEV-395 DONE User Object should inherit linked social Accounts
  • DEV-382 DONE /health endpoint should show people online
  • DEV-381 DONE /health endpoint should show total points
  • DEV-380 DONE /health endpoint should show amount of users
  • DEV-376 DONE When a User signs up over referral link, this information should be stored in the userproperties
  • DEV-374 DONE When a User is created the GUID gotta be created and stored in the database
  • DEV-312 DONE Public Userprofile should include ActionHistory
  • DEV-311 DONE Public Userprofile should include Current Points
  • DEV-310 DONE RestService should expose public Userprofile
  • DEV-306 DONE The Restservice should be able to create a Twitter Authentication URL
  • DEV-300 DONE Ranking should be exposed via endpoint
  • DEV-299 DONE Ranking should be created on schedule
  • DEV-270 DONE Restservice should be able to find out who retweetet the post
  • DEV-269 DONE Restservice should be able to find out who liked the post
  • DEV-268 DONE Restservice should be able to request the MADANA Sites feed
  • DEV-263 DONE Restservice should be able to request the MADANA Sites feed
  • DEV-257 DONE All possible exceptions in the RestService should send an errorresponse
  • DEV-256 DONE Create ResourceBundle Handler Class and properties files
  • DEV-253 DONE Request Password should create a temporary link (token) which can be used for 1hours
  • DEV-252 DONE Create Endpoint for requestPassword
  • DEV-251 DONE SMTP Client should be able to use HTML Template
  • DEV-250 DONE Implement simple SMTP Client
  • DEV-249 DONE Create Media Action History Table
  • DEV-248 DONE Add Benefits for social Media Actions
  • DEV-214 DONE PUT should update the Userproperties for the user
  • DEV-207 DONE Upon starting the service should load all Users out of the database
  • DEV-206 DONE The User registration should store users in the database
  • DEV-194 DONE Create SQL Initialization Script
  • DEV-157 DONE Implement JWT Token Handling
  • DEV-156 DONE User should be able to call secured methods by using token
  • DEV-155 DONE Authentication Endpoint should send Token to Client after succesful authentication
  • DEV-154 DONE Implement User Authentication Endpoint which is able to validate credentials
  • DEV-149 DONE Create REST JSON Get Method to show all users
  • DEV-148 DONE Setup Core Functionality based on jax-rs
  • DEV-145 DONE Create REST JSON Post Method to create user
  • DEV-144 DONE Create REST JSON Post Method to delete user
  • DEV-9 DONE Encrypt Password / Use Hash function
  • DEV-8 DONE Be Able to save and verify Password


  • DEV-523 DONE RestService must be able to accept Twitter Webhook
  • DEV-457 DONE As a User I want to be able to differentiate and see which actions id did on which post
  • DEV-369 DONE As a User I want to receive x Points for every whitelisting referal
  • DEV-349 DONE As Developer I want to have an Endpoint on the restservice which can be used to update the referal-stage of a user
  • DEV-348 DONE As a User I want a panel which displays all possible bounty options
  • DEV-266 DONE As a User i want to be able to see if shared all current MADANA Twitter posts
  • DEV-238 DONE Come Up with serversided error-handling concept (json)
  • DEV-225 DONE As a User i want to be able to create a uniqure referal link which I can send to friends
  • DEV-223 DONE As a user I want to be able to reset my password if I forgot it
  • DEV-221 DONE As a User i want to be able to choose between the 10 avatars ( images from animation )
  • DEV-193 DONE As a Developer i want to have all users stored persistent in a database
  • DEV-141 DONE As an User I want to be able to delete my account on the server
  • DEV-140 DONE As an User I want to be able to register ( create a new ) new account on the server
  • DEV-127 DONE As a Developer there should be a central Webservice able to receive and send data via REST
  • DEV-91 DONE Research on SOAP or Rest Server as first interface for the Main System
  • DEV-47 DONE As Developer the Servercore should be able to sign certificates
  • DEV-38 DONE As a User I want to be able to Log into my account